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Sympathy Greets


We have designed special greeting cards for heartfelt Sympathy Greets e-cards to give an encouragement and love to someone who has lost somebody whom they love and cares. A simple sympathy message to someone near or far to express our sincere caring and heartfelt sympathy means a lot to them. In this hour of pain, it's the memories that will keep us together. Most of our e-cards are uniquely designed specially to give encouragement to our friends as well as our loves one during their moment of sorrow.. You can view our Sympathy Greets e-cards from the Android Google Play Store and it is absolutely free download. Please share our e-cards with your friends and relatives.Sympathy Greets is a free app and it can be share via Emails, Bluetooth, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Whats app and Facebook. Sympathy Greets e-cards are created for everyone to share and remind each other the utmost importance of sending a simple message to someone who needs our hand during their sorrow moments.Do download this uniquely designed e-cards and it is easy to use and simple Instructions also provided to make it easy for everyone to send your chosen card.
Sympathy Greets features:
* View the cards images * Choose your desire card and send, you can even share this cards with your other friends and loves one* Send your greeting e- cards via your social networks. * Instructions on how to compose your message and sending your messages also provided. We have included some games for your own entertainment* A simple sad short stories also included
We hope you enjoy our sympathy greeting e-cards which we wish everyone *Thank You* for choosing our app.
Our heartfelt sympathy to those having a difficult time of your loss and our prayer with you.